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Stellar Weddings

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COLLAGE COFFEE TABLE PHOTO BOOK:  See your wedding pictures displayed in a stunning bound book.   What a wonderful way to be reminded of that very special day in your lives: the radiant bride, the handsome groom, the joyful support of family and friends, the romantic setting . . .

The Wedding Photo Book is so much more than a traditional album. Rather than individual photos all the same size all displayed the same way, your photos are presented in a varied collage fashion. The book is 8”x8” and each page is seamless, so it is actually one continuous image of 8”x16”.  Many of your photos are enlarged and some will even cover the whole 8”x16” spread. The pages are of cardstock to ensure durability.

The Collage Coffee Table Wedding Photo Book is an excellent value when you consider the quality, quantity, and size of the photos.  This first-class photo book makes a great gift for parents and grandparents.

The favorite Wedding Photo Book size is 8”x8” with a seamless 8”x16” spread. Receive a 20% discount if you order within 30 days of wedding.

A. 15-20 Photos - $200/$160 at 20% off
B. 25-30 Photos - $250/$200 at 20% off
C. 35-40 Photos - $300/$240 at 20% off
D. 45-50 Photos - $350/$280 at 20% off
E. 55-60 Photos - $400/$320 at 20% off
F. 65-70 Photos - $450/$360 at 20% off

• Additional discount for multiple copies.
• The Wedding Photo Book is also available in larger sizes. Ask for more information.

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stellar wedding sample
stellar wedding sample
stellar wedding sample

“The Photo Book
just blew me away!
It was awesome!”

Michelle & Clark,
Charlotte, NC